Saturday, 14 May 2011

Walk in the wood

I had a walk in my local wood this evening. It was starting to get dusky and there had just been a short rain shower. I felt drawn to the wood once again. Sure I was feeling stressed before. But just to walk, then sit (on a piece of dry-ish leaf littered ground), breath slowly, close my eyes, quickly got me into a relaxed state. I did the 'Light Body' exercise from my OBOD training, and then I just  concentrated on the minute details of the edges and veins of leaves, bark, leaf litter, little insects, all kinds of sounds, gentle breeze and how it gently shook the leaves, all this very intently for minute after minute until I was no longer sure of how much time had passed at all. Soon I was detached from everything about my life outside the wood. The wood seemed to be all there was, all there ever was.

Gradually I felt the  deep unconscious primordial energy within everything. I became very calm, absorbed in this web or field of 'energy' and 'vitality'. I am conscious, but as 'watcher'  only. My body becomes the wood, the wood an extension of my body. After a period sitting, and also just standing in a profound meditative state but rooted to the spot, my mind was perfectly stilled, indeed it was difficult to move - I was so relaxed and at peace with the 'is-ness' of just being.

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