Monday, 30 May 2011

God's plan

So, what if Christian theism is true...what is God's special plan for the world?

Lets put this in the language of Sci Fi:  The Christian God is a hyper dimensional extra terrestrial entity ('The Alien') that has seeded this planet in this star system (and for all we know, other planets) with the means to develop living and eventually conscious cognitively reasoning individuals. The Alien however remains deliberately hidden from the living creatures he has allowed to evolve viz humans. The Alien has implanted a vague awareness of his existence in most people, more particularly in those of  a particular mental and emotional disposition. He deliberately does not disclose himself except in very particular mysterious ways such that while mankind cannot disprove a deity exists, he can also never be rationally sure he does exist. The Alien has not for instance made himself known to the persons who are most knowledgeable or have the ability to ask any awkward questions (scientists, philosophers etc). However the Alien has revealed himself to select individuals and to them he has put the story around that he is seeking people to enter into his 'dominion'  and 'inherit the earth' and also exist for ever in 'his realm' after death. The story also goes that not all will enter this dominion etc but will be rejected.  The Alien's story was disclosed over multiple centuries and in a variety of literary forms is highly cryptic manner so only those who are 'naturally intune' with the Alien are inclined to accept or believe it, despite the story being full of rational inconsistencies. The theme of this cryptic message in the story, amounts to an admission that the Alien is seeking to 'harvest' minds from our planet and this is the only reason why us creatures exist. 

Indeed in many written versions of th Alien's story the earth is described as this Alien's growing plot, his kitchen full of  his utensils,  and his workshop where he makes objects only some of which are to be used for his long term purposes. It is clear that the story is  cryptically refering to the  Alien's intention to 'farm'  and 'manufacture'  servants from the living creatures on this planet. The Alien can't simply 'make'  servants to order ( he tried that previously, see below) instead the Alien knows he has to 'grow', 'develop' and 'test' them but there will be much much wastage. You see, the Alien  only wants to select certain  types of person to become his servants in his dominion. Not everyone can be his servant because of their particular brain chemistry and character is simply not right. Those who are not selected are not particularly bad or evil. Indeed some of those selected as his servants are, to the human mind, much more despicable people (including criminals, wasters etc) than some of those not selected. What matters is not what those selected have done but whether they can be transformed into the servants that the Alien wants.

So who is the Alien selecting? It is quite apparent that the Alien is  NOT selecting those who  think critically and who are strong individualists. Counter intutively the Alien is not selecting simply those who in human terms are good, nice or generous, but only those who would trust and obey their master without question and are particularly needy and dependant  The Alien considers our human existence to be a testing process  for developing his servants whereby those who are selected by the Alien believe and love the image of the Alien regardless of the lack of evidence or counter evidence, and regardless of the evil which life throws at them. 
 The Alien rejects those who have strong doubts or who won't accept being assimilated into the purposes of the Alien. The Alien wants pliable minds, that are open to being 'developed' by the Alien for his service. The Alien even admits in fact that he wants his servants to have the minds of 'children'.

At some future point the Alien will end his farming/manufacturing process and  return to this planet to collect for himself only those persons who meet his requirements and have passed the relevant existential tests. Among this good harvest the Alien will also be looking for an elite cadre of potential servants  (the 'overcomers') who have served him, no matter what, even to the point of death. Everybody else, the rest of the Alien's 'crop' who the Alien describes as the 'chaff' or 'tares' will be destroyed as 'worthless' and 'thrown out'. It matters not that those who are being destroyed have had wonderful insights or are amazingly creative or are very kind and honest or have done good acts for other people or the world. During this colllection process (the 'apocalypse') tempts by the rejected people to form one world government to establish peace and justice on earth are frustrated by the Alien and his servants as this would interfer with the Alien's plan. The Alien obviously does not want a human 'rebel base' permanently existing against him

Unfortunately it is not enough that people might actuallly want to be the Alien's servants. The Alien dispenses the ability to believe and love the Alien in this unquestioned way only to those who the Alien sees as already potentially having the right mindset to be his servants and never sin or rebel The Alien is choosing certain people and only in a very limited and  secondary and derivative sense are people choosing the Alien. The Alien's answer to the apparent injustice is to simply say it is not for his creatures that he has farmed to challenge their maker, also that we have been allowed to be 'free range' for most of our history and have suffered from knowledge of evil as well as good, so independence from the Alien is not a desirable state of affairs in any event. Indeed the Alien has ensured that his creatures have an innate disatisfaction with their physical reality and are alienated from nature such that only what the Alien wants seems to matter or give meaning.

The Alien has perfected the ability to exist for aeons, and is immortal while we have transitory very limited physical lives. The Alien points out then that it is entirely in his gift as to who he wants to co-habit with in his dominion.  The Alien actually wants his servants also to inherit the physical world, which he loves (but he doesn't  - as some have wrongly assumed - have  love for all the inhabitants that currently exist in the world) and the rejected humans have to be removed for his servants to have the physical world for themselves.

It so happens that long ago, the Alien had only other hyperdimensional beings as his servants. They were designed and made specifically to serve the Alien, and some of the more elite servants will given a large measure of intelligence. However as they had no physical bodily form their loyalty was never tested. Unfortunately one day the Alien's most intelligent and highest ranking servant decided to think for himself and rebel, along with many of the sub-servants. This rebellious servant has grounded his base in our world. The Alien cannot destroy this rebel servant without causing a war which would probably destroy the world and scupper the Alien's long term plans. Thus the rebellious servant ekes out an existence in the shadowy and subtle part of the material reality. The Alien has, through his servants, spread around terrible propaganda against this rebel servant describing him as the source of all evil and the 'Father of Lies'. when in fact all he wanted was to independently share the good things that the Alien enjoyed. Sure, the rebel servant has become somewhat bitter and twisted and is not particularly  benevolent to other humans, so must be approached with extreme caution. The Alien of course intends to destroy this rebellious servant once his harvest of the human servants he wants is complete.

Perhaps after the earth, the Alien will harvest servants from other races on other planets. Once harvested his servants will be utterly dependant for their existence on the Alien and assimilated into his being to a very large measure. They will live either on the earth post the extinction of the rejected humans or in his 'Mother Ship' the New Jerusalem as it is called which will enter orbit of this planet. The servants will forget their human lives and also their relationships and ties with family and friends who the Alien rejected. The servants will never think to ask what happened to the latter. Indeed it seems the rejected humans cannot simply be anhilated, but because they have some immortal spark they have to be imprisoned for ever in darkness and chains and cut off from the universe by being surrounded by destructive fire.  It also suits the Alien to have such a prison because if any other creature in the universe or servant is minded to rebel then the Alien can point to the 'fate' of these other rebels. This is the Alien's 'ultimate deterrent' policy and it has largely been effective throughout history.

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