Thursday, 31 March 2011

The language of myth

Of course all talk of the absolute, of  the dialectic, of the gods and goddesses is about 'myth making'. Myth is unverified, it is not scientific, it is the product of the imagination, relying on symbols not concrete provable realities. It is a device to think profound things, a language game.. It is not the public truth of science. It is about private truth.

God and Goddesss (Part Two)

A recap - The potential and dialectic of the absolute is resolved in the process of becoming. Becoming is creative and fecund; it is also the will to be, to manifest and ultimately to know and be known through the evolution of a self reflective consciousness in sentient beings, who might, just occasionally, perceive 'the whole'. They may also perceive that the centre of their individual being is the same ground of reality, where all is one and one is all.

We can personify the dialetical and evolutionary process of becoming as the erotic love dance of the god and goddess.

The god represents in this metaphor 'limit, form, will, analysis' and the goddess represents 'infinite, matter-energy, power, and synthesis. The god and goddess are the parents of us all - from these two after the first one, come the myriad of beings.

Of course, we mustn't strain these metaphors too far.....

Monism, God and Goddess