Saturday, 14 May 2011


Spirit is Being, Life and Consciousness.

* Being is the primordial eternal state that like the human body has 'conscious' and 'unconscious' modes.
 *Life is the physical power and vitality of the Cosmos that arises out of the primordial eternal state. It can also be  likened to a pure will to be, to create.
*Consciousness is  either the 'pure' consciousness of the primordial state, a state of apperception, without cognition, it is also the consciousness of sentient beings as they evolve in the Cosmos, in a sense they are the Cosmos' self awareness. Eventually the Cosmos either collectively or individually acheives an 'Omega Point' of the most advanced intelligence. This schema is not deterministic, because though the 'goal' is set and inevitable, the direction of travel (as with rivers flowing to the ocean) is indeterminate. The force driving mankind toward this Omega Point is a religious instinct, and is, in Jungian terms, 'archetypal'.

Being is the 'Father-Mother' Godhead;  Life is the 'Spirit' within nature, the Omega Point Consciousness is that of the 'Son of God', the 'Cosmic Christ'.  A person even now may show this advance 'Christ Nature' which seeks to do good in the world until the end of (it's) time, then attains union with the primordial consciousness, dissolving into that bliss.

This schema assumes that Consciousness always works through unconscious matter that embodies it and manifests it.  Primordial Consciousness does not 'act' in the world as an agent.  Thus it is not like the theistic deity. Indeed the schema also works with a series of cycles where the embodied Godlike Omega Point state is followed by  material dissolution and a divine sleep of unconsciousness, until the Cosmos begins again, though the Godlike Omega Point being(s) could set the 'initial condition' of the arising of a [future]Cosmos.

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