Friday, 24 June 2011

An immediate objection.....and an attempt at resolution

For a very long time my principle problem with a notion of a personal deity has been the problem of evil. I could accept that natural law prevented the divine from physically intervening, but could not the divine at  through some telephathic psychological process 'inform' or 'warn' people of danger at least? If the divine could at least warn, then it has allowed all kinds of gratuitous evil occur, so it cannot be benevolent etc..

Perhaps though I had not considered that there is no such 'telepathic' process by which the divine can communicate in a verbal way. Such telepathy would perhaps be a violation of natural law too. Also I failed to consider that if the divine could warn or inform persons of danger, then justice requires that it does so in all cases whenever any action would cause suffering. However this would surely prejudice and hinder the development of human intelligence, and interfere with freewill and moral development as there would be no real bad consequences of our bad decisions.

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