Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Absolute, the archetypal, and the physical

Being is at the same time the Absolute, the Archetypal and the Physica Cosmos.

THE ABSOLUTE Everything and anything is not the Absolute. The Absolute is no-thing. The Absolute is the Nirguna Brahman, the Ein Soph Aur, and  the Eternal Tao of the different world religions. The Cosmos arises out of this formless place of nothing, and by creation the absolute is made manifest - the absolute causes, and sustains and the cosmos returns to this source. The absolute permeates and grounds every being. The Absolute is one and many, and it is the highest of the eye.

THE ARCHETYPAL There are, we suggest,  primordial forces, principles and powers that shape and define the psychic cosmos - they shape in effect our consciousness and therefore our perception and interpretation of the world and perhaps reflect how our brain is 'wired'; Theologically the archetypes can also be described as the 'divine energies' of the creator.

The primary  archetypes most important in the Western Mystery Tradition, and believed to be universal, are identified in  traditional Astrology as follows:  the  polarities of the archetypal  'the male' and 'the female', in neo-platonism also the monad and the indefinite dyad ;  then there are the qualities:  'cardinal', the 'fixed' and 'mutable'  and finally the four 'elementals' symbolised by fire, air, water and earth in most esoteric systems. .The Archetypal World is represented by the tetracys of Pythagoras or the Sefiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. These Archetypes are given form and personified as various deities, daemons and other spirits of nature in some polytheistic systems.

In the Neo Druidic 'system' we have a mother and father god deities  who are the ultimate parents of all the other gods, and indeed they are also the ultimate ancestors of all the people too. We also have three worlds of  manifestion: Gwynvyd, Abred and Annwn (the realm of the gods, our world, and the realm of the dead/unborn)  also in the physical world we have 'sky', 'land' and 'waters'. We have also the triple aspects of the male and female deities. The four directions are not so important and in ancient celtic lore,
we don't find mention of the four greek elements or four directions as such; but in the irish myths of the Tuatha De Danann  there are also four enchanted objects of great magical power viz the Cauldron of Dagda, The Spear of Lugh, the Sword of Nuada, and the Stone of Destiny.

THE PHYSICAL  This is the world we are familiar with. Even here we have the polarity of 'light and darkness' and also 'energy' and 'matter'. There are the three spatial dimensions and the three primary colours, also four states of matter (plasma, gas, liquid, solid) and four fundamental forces of nature viz the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, gravity and electromagnetic radiation.

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