Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pagan Deism

Pagan Deism combines the spiritual insights and practices of paganism with belief in a supreme divinity. This divinity has many names including 'Great Sprit', the 'Infinite', the Source and simply, the 'Deus'.
Knowledge of this divinity is through intuition and reason. Reason suggests there is a First Cause, Necessary Being and sublime unity or ground of being. Pagans in antiquity such as Aristotl...e and Plato held beliefs in a supreme deity or source.They also believed in many divine beings, forces, daemons and spirits. Pagan Deism can therefore be inclusive of many polytheistic and animistic traditions, indeed it can rationally ground such beliefs.
Logic suggests that the essence of Deus is beyond multiplicity,gender and transpersonal. It is not like a human person nor is it merely impersonal. It is pure Being, Life and Consciousness, and appreciated only through symbols, metaphors and analogies.
We intuit that the divine activity is simply creativity, and that the one purpose and desire of the divine is self expression, to manifest and embody its primordial nature through a myriad of forms. In common with most Deists we don't believe that the Deus directly intervenes in nature or breaks natural laws. However we allow there are preternatural laws and dimensions of existence not yet fully understood.
We can believe that distinct divine energies form, animate, harmonise and preserve the Cosmos and these energies may be perceived as distinct gods. Metaphorically every creature contains a 'spark' of divinity, and to some degree exemplifies the eternal ideas, power and beauty in the depth of its being. We also allow that these divine sparks may return to their source after many incarnations.
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