Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Directions, New Interests

Everything must now be empirically or rationally demonstrated, but I retain the following interests:

a. naturalistic spirituality - the celebration of one's aesthetic response to the wonder of nature
b. The concepts of an 'absolute' or 'ground of being', and uncaused first cause are at least meaningful and perhaps even required by the Big Bang model of cosmology.
c. I am interested in knowing more about and working with mythological archetypes - the 'gods in everyman'
d. I am an eco-humanist. I consider any sentient life in the universe as very important, as such sentience is the cosmic consciousness, a material universe's awareness of itself. I greatly value our consciousness even if it is emergent for what was primordially unconscious or non-conscious
e. I have to find a way to deal with fear and give my life a meaning. Certainly trying to make life better and easier for others, and protecting the environment provide meaning.
f. I have to live 'in the now' and try to enjoy the 'isness of being' rather than relying upon some metaphysical pie in the sky consolation
g. I will continue to naturalistically study religion and similar supernatural truth claims, but from a moderately skeptical viewpoint. I certainly expect all supernatural experiences to be the result of mechanical causes or have psychological/sociological causes.
h. I am open to the notion of a God, a heaven and so forth, but see no convincing evidence, and so such claims must be unlikely in probablistic terms. It is for him who asserts to prove. I would like there to be a benevolent deity etc, but there remains no adequate explanation for how any benevolence could allow such evil to exist. My emotive need for a kind god is all but eclipsed by my emotive reaction to the suffering, particular 'innocent' suffering.

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