Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Actually, I've really decided i don't like polytheism after all. At the moment I don't like theism. I've been losing my grip on reality chasing after vain imaginings.
What reason, what reason at all, do we have for believing in invisible beings? We have a number of rational proofs of God that turn out not to be proofs. We have the testimony of prophets and biblical writers, and the experiences of the countless faithful. There is rather a lot more of this kind of "evidence" for one particular kind of theism, Christian theism, than
for any pagan theology or polytheism. So if one is tending to the supernatural, it makes no sense to prefer a less rational theology or explanation of the supernatural. For you can be sure I will want an explanation.

The most rational view of the world, is a naturalistic world view. This requires no supernatural invisible entities.
The next most rational view of the world, after naturalism, is probably Buddhism or Taoism - non theistic, yet religious belief systems
The next most rational view of the world, is some form of Monotheism

I have also decided that nature is not 'part of God' nor is nature God. If there is a God, then nature is created by divine will and power and ultimately out of the divine substance or pleroma. I am not sure I believe in creation from nothing at all.

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